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Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning

By offering increased support for project based learning, Stone Creek is on the leading edge of what many feel is the future of education.

ActionLab is a web based tool that allows students to develop, design and manage project based learning.  It includes curriculum, planning tools, blogging and a personal portfolio space for each student. Teachers have a window into the student's creative process and this allows them to coach students in a more personal way.  Stone Creek has become an innovation partner with ActionLab and a pilot site for this new product.  This means that the school will receive full access to the latest product features and our school will receive monthly site visits to customize this offering for our students and teachers. 

Many business leaders now say that the job of the future will be a project.  The ability to design, manage, evaluate and collaborate on projects will be key to success in almost any field.  Increasing colleges are also reflecting this shift and accepting student portfolios in their application process.  MIT has stated that the reason they are accepting portfolio based applications is that they want to see how students respond in unstructured settings.

Each year we host an end of year Project Showcase.  This year will result in even more compelling and higher impact projects.

See our students at a TEDx event by watching the video below.