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Mustang Garb

Mustang Garb

Great Clothes, Great Choices, and a Great Way To Support Your School

We have two online retailers that we have partnered with to help give parents and students choices for clothes that fit within our dress code and that show our school pride.


Logo Shop

The logo store offers kids hats, polos, tshirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets and more. For parents that want to get in the spirit, it offers items such as hats, bags, adult sized fleece vests and jackets, and more.  Show your school spirit and look good while you do it!

Primary Clothing

Earn money for your school when you buy essential kids clothes from Primary! Primary Clothing offers every color of the rainbow for kids basics in the softest fabrics they could find. Keep an eye out for seasonal deals throughout the year, we will advertise them regularly in the Pony Express. A portion of sales go back to Stone Creek, so it is another way to support the school!