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Chairs & Representatives

Parent Guild Chairs & Representatives

The Parent Guild is dedicated to enriching the education of our children through a strong climate and culture, promoting greater involvement among all parents, and fostering a stronger sense of community at SCCS. The Parent Guild will meet monthly for approximately 30 minutes to one hour immediately before monthly school Board of Directors meetings. Guild meetings are open to everyone yet they are not intended to be "turn-out" events. Broad parent participation will be directed at the Working Groups and Event Committees.

Stone Creek's Parent Guild are:

  Guild Co-Chair - Yvonne Dodds
  Guild Co-Chair - Rikene Sanchez
  BOD Designee - Director Shannon Dodds 
  School Principal - Executive Principal Jason Mills
  Campus Coordinator GS - Tiffany Weinreich 
  Campus Coordinator EIC - TBD
  Campus Coordinator GYP - Karen Hobbs 
  Parent Rep GS - Claire Lang
  Parent Rep EIC - Angela Kamby
  Parent Rep GYP K-4 - TBD
Parent Rep GYP 5-8 - TBD Teacher Reps GS, EIC, GYP - TBD