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Board Info & Members

Board of Directors Information

The Stone Creek Charter School Board of Directors is a cohesive group of dedicated parents and community members who are devoted to serving the children, families and faculty of Stone Creek Charter School.

Each member contributes important professional and personal experience in order to achieve the schools mission and vision.  Elections are held annually in the spring and members serve three-year terms.  Regular Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at alternating campuses.  Other special meetings and Executive Sessions are announced.  

Board of Directors

The following volunteers represent our Stone Creek Charter School Board of Directors. 

Becky Gray

Director and Gypsum Parent / E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2024

Becky joined the board in December of 2020.  Becky is a consistent and polished professional with strict attention to detail and organization. She brings over two decades of experience working with the public and a willingness to take on any challenge. She enjoys developing best practices and thrives in a synergistic environment.  Becky and her husband have 2 daughters.  They love SCCS for its ability to adapt to the changes in academic needs of the students and its desire to build character in each student.

Julie Current

Director and Edwards Parent E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2022

Julie joined the board in October of 2019.  Julie has lived in the Vail Valley for 15 years and has 3 children who attend Stone Creek, Edwards campus.  She is a Physician Assistant at the Vein Institute in Edwards, having graduated with her Masters from George Washington University in Washington DC.  She has extensive experience with management and personal relations within multiple clinic settings.  Julie hopes she can bring her passion about her children's education and our public charter school to become a prominent contributing member of the school board.  

Tim Sullivan

Director and Edwards Parent / E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2023  

Tim joined the board in October of 2020.  He is currently working on his bio!

Kat Paula

Director and Edwards Parent / E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2023

Kat joined the board in November of 2020.  She is currently working on her bio!

Trina Jacobs

Director and Gypsum Parent / E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2023

Trina Jacobs joined the Board in the Fall of 2020.  Her previous experience as YouthBuild Case Manager brings knowledge and compassion of working with at-risk youth, including Mockingbird Education and Youth Mental Health First Aid.  She is currently Treasurer of the Horse Pasture Homeowner’s Association, Ditch Manager for the Horse Pasture HOA, and seamstress for Cole and Dainer Modern Stitches, in addition to being a stay-at-home mom.  Trina is dedicated to being a mentor to children within our Stone Creek community.  She has one child in first grade and one child that will be joining Stone Creek in Kindergarten next school year.  Trina appreciates that Stone Creek loves and empowers our children.

Stacy Otremba

Director and Edwards Parent / E-mail 
Term ends Spring 2024

Stacy Otremba joined the Board in 2021. As manger for Destination Colorado, Stacy brings her knowledge of marketing, communications, fundraising and administration to our Board. She also contributes technical skills and will be taking over design and management to our website. Stacy is dedicated to the Stone Creek community and has two young boys attending our Edwards campuses. "Stone Creek offers the intimate and personalized classroom setting that my boys need to thrive" says Stacy. "I love the small class sizes and comradery between grade levels. Nico and Mica have thrived since starting with Stone Creek, and they're proud of their school."