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Our Programs

Our Programs

At Stone Creek Charter School, we believe that every child who walks through our doors has the opportunity for greatness. Our academic programs are among the most rigorous in Colorado. What makes Stone Creek different? It's the way we teach our children.

An Overview of Our Programs.

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Core Knowledge: A sequenced approach to science, social studies, and cultural literacy

Singapore Math: An emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking

Lucy Calkins Writing: Using writer's workshops to move through the writing process

Step Up to Writing: Engaging education in well-structured writing

Health and Wellness: From PE to mindfulness and health education, our education includes more than just the basics

Virtues Program: Character counts. From courage and excellence, to generosity and reliability, our students are immersed in a culture that teaches and upholds virtues as a school community, as well as in individual classrooms. 

Technology: Students in K-4 visit the computer lab (chromebooks) several times a week to practice typing, computer programing, content mastery, and computer basics.  Students in grades 5-8 use their personal chromebooks daily to ensure they are not only profiecient in computer skills (typing, internet reserach, online communication, and safety) but also know how to learn using web-based resources.

Spanish: Students in grades 5-8 study and practice written and oral traditions, as well as, the history and culture of native Spanish countries. 

Fine Arts: Students in grades K-5 explore music, and students K-8 create art.

Gifted: To meet the needs of exceptional learners, Stone Creek offers on-site Gifted Program for grades three and higher. Students can be nominated by their teacher or parents, or they can choose to nominate themselves. Specialized instruction, group and individual projects and other learning opportunities are tailored to the needs of the student. Stone Creek also trains its staff on Differentiated Learning Strategies within the classroom, enabling teachers to adapt lessons to achieve various levels of learning.