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Virtues Program

Virtues Program

Our virtues program helps each child build their character. It teaches them how to practice and apply these skills in their daily routine. Our ultimate goal is to teach the children how to be the best they can be and demonstrate these virtues in everything they do.

In the classroom, virtues are introduced, and week-by-week, characteristics of each virtue are discussed in detail in class, to help students see the practical ways in which individuals can "live" these large ideals. Students can earn “Virtue Vouchers” for demonstrating these virtues.

School wide, each grade has a virtue they focus on for the year. Teachers can recognize students who exhibit these virtues in their daily actions. Each quarter we have a virtue assembly to honor and recognize students for their character. They are awarded a “Mustang Award”. They really feel a sense of pride when they are recognized for a virtue.

The goals of our Virtues Program is to help each child learn, practice and demonstrate these virtues in their daily actions whether it is at school, home or out in the community. It also creates a culture of caring and integrity in our school from kindergarten to 8th grade.

On the playground, you will hear the kids using the language of the virtues. For example, if one kid has a problem with another, they will describe their concerns using virtues. For example, they might say, “He wasn’t being very kind or respectful”.

Our Virtues Program helps students to see the good in others. Students at our school respond to virtue acknowledgements. It makes them happy and proud.