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Student Performance

Student Performance

Are we achieving the academic success we seek? Academic achievement is measured through multiple assessment tools including the state tests (PARCC and CMAS), national tests (STAR), and formative (in-class) assessments.

SCCS Earns Performance with Distinction Recognition

We are very excited and proud to announce that Stone Creek Charter School is one of the Colorado Charter School Institute’s highest performing schools!  We have been recognized as a Performance School with Distinction in the state of Colorado for the 2nd year in a row.

CSI Letter of Performance with Distinction

SCCS Year-Over-Year Results

Each year CSI prepares an Annual Review of Schools (CARS) Report.  CARS builds upon the evaluation lens utilized by the State which evaluates academic achievement, academic growth, and post secondary and workforce readiness by including additional measures related to academic, financial, and organizational performance to provide a more comprehensive and robust evaluation that includes strong indicators of charter viability and sustainability.  To see the full report or to discuss our performance in depth, please contact our Director of Operations.  

The data below was taken from the CARS Report for the 2016-17 school year.  These graphs are based on CMAS scores.

E = Elementary, M = Middle School, H = High School

It is important to remember that achievement scores alone do not give a full picture of a school's ability to serve children with a wide variety of needs. Growth is another statistic that we analyze to ensure all kids, not just the high performers, are receiving a high quality education.  

The graphs below break our growth scores down in to subgroups so that we can evaluate our success in serving traditionally under-served students.

* Certain data not included because we are a small school and do not meet the minimum student counts in those subgroups required for reporting

SCCS State Testing Information

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