Develop the Mind Excite the Spirit Change the World

Vision & Mission

SCCS Vision & Mission


Were encouraged to take risks? Had courage to face challenges? Knew the joy of achievement?

Vision of SCCS

SCCS will be a place where kids, teachers, and staff grow, are supported, and challenged to become the best version of themselves in the safe and vibrant community we build to support one another.

Mission of SCCS

To educate, support, and challenge our students and teachers to be great citizens, SCCS will engage their minds, inspire their spirit, support their wellbeing, and build a strong community that showcases their strengths and welcomes their diversity.

Why Stone Creek Charter School?

At Stone Creek Charter School, we believe that every child has within, the possibility for greatness. When they step through our doors, they begin a journey of self-discovery; one through which they come to know their own potential.  We will surround them in a learning environment that is: 

Provocative Stimulating Interactive Inspirational Thought Provoking Challenging Bold 

Our students are challenged on a daily basis and held accountable in skillful ways that empower. They learn the “high” that comes with applying one’s self and learning something important. Students feel the satisfaction of that kind of accomplishment. Through our learning culture, they are taught the importance of working hard, thinking hard, and how to persevere through difficult problems. We explore programs that inspire children to think the thoughts and take the actions that lead them in the direction of fulfilling their greatest potential. Here, no child will come to the faulty conclusion that there are only a few great people in the world and I will never be one of them. Rather, each child will think, “I walk among the great. I learn great things. I study the knowledge of the ages and I consider the kinds of questions whose answers will define the future.” And what will come to their minds is not an answer, but a very intriguing question... HOW WILL I BE GREAT?

Our students believe in their own capabilities and have the confidence to succeed in extraordinary ways. They learn to organize themselves and their time, to motivate themselves to excel, to do their best, to monitor their own self talk, and to remove limitations that they have already put on themselves. As we challenge our students to go boldly, each step on the journey inspires learning and growth, new confidence, and an ever-greater perspective of the world. 

Here we: 

DEVELOP THE MIND It’s more than learning how to read, write, and do math calculations. Our students need to know how to survive and compete—not just in their own community—but in the world. As their minds grow, they are able to bring together disciplines, skillfully collaborate with others, think deeply, take risks, and create original ideas based on what they have learned. 
EXCITE THE SPIRIT Knowledge comes to life when students experience what they are learning through music, visual art, language and literature. Our programs emphasize academics and critical thinking, but also encourage an understanding and appreciation of the arts, other cultures, and one’s self. As our students learn to enjoy life’s many perspectives, we prepare them to live rich and interesting lives.
CHANGE THE WORLD From courage and excellence, to generosity and reliability, our students are immersed in a culture that teaches and upholds virtues. Through our strong character development program and a commitment to community service, they are developing integrity, compassion and empathy. Surrounded by innovation and ideas, our students learn that change is possible. Here, children will find their greatness and go boldly to make the world a better place. 

Our Core Values

SCCS is a values-driven organization. Our core values are central to our program and to our results. We recognize and celebrate these values in our students throughout the year as these virtues are embedded in everything we do as a learning community:

  • Excellence: Excellence is doing one's best, not necessarily being the best. It’s consistently putting forth your best effort and upholding high personal standards.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI):  Requires consistent and proactive examination that the following is occurring throughout the organization:

    • Intentional, ongoing effort to ensure that multiple perspectives and populations are invited, represented, welcomed, respected, valued, and ultimately participate in the organization’s work and in the community at large.

    • That the organization promotes and maintains  justice, impartiality, and fairness within its procedures, processes, distribution of resources, and decision-making. 

  • Integrity: Being truthful, fair, and trustworthy in your words and actions - doing as you say and saying as you do.

  • Respect: Appreciating the value of a person or an object through your words, actions, and attitude. Treating people with common courtesy, respecting others’ personal property and time, and seeking to understand others’ viewpoint.

  • Responsibility: Able to be trusted and or depended upon to complete tasks, follow directions, and own up to your actions.

  • Perseverance: To persist in anything undertaken despite difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

  • Intellectual Curiosity: Eager to learn, explore, and question things to gain a deeper understanding.

  • Kindness: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate of others