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School Policies

School Policies

Our policies and procedures are continuously being added to the website. Please check back often for new updates and information. 

To view a document please click on a link below.  Each links requires Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader which can be downloaded for free from here.


Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments 

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section C: General School Administration

Section D: Fiscal Management

Section E: Support Services

Section F: Facilities Development

Section G: Personnel

Section H:  Negotiations

Section I:  Instructional Program

Section J: Students

Parent / Student Documents
  Parent - Student Handbook 21-22

  Parent Right to Know Letter

  Dress Code Guidelines 2021-2022

  Attendance Policy | Excused Absence Form

  SCCS Data Privacy Policy | Student Data Privacy Policies for Contracted Partners and Service Providers

  21-22_Assessment_Calendar l SCCS State Assessments Administrative Policy I SCCS State Assessment Refusal Policy

  Parent Notification of Employee Conduct Policy

  CORA Requests Policy

  Policy on Use of Restraints


Procedural Documents
  Governance Manual

  Stone Creek School Bylaws

  Contract with the Charter School Institute

  Fees, Fines, and Charges Policy

  Attendance Policy

  Enrollment Policy (Updated 6/30/2020)

  FERPA Notification